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Kulturezine Media: A Urban Digital Content Creation Corp.

Kulturezine Media Interactive LLC. 
has been in business since 2019 Kulturezine has been operating as a Global Urban Digital Multi-Media Entertainment, and Urban Lifestyle Content Creation, Streaming Distribution, and Technology Corporation that will include Kulture Parks and Resorts. We are also one of the new driving forces in the Global Digital Media and Content Creation Industries, with a diverse multimedia portfolio. Kulturezine Divisions include:


  • Kulturezine Music Group

  • Kulturezine Studio

  • Kulturezine+

  • Kulturezine Comics

  • Kulturezine Games

  • Kulture Fashion

  • Teknolojia Global

  • Global Wake up Movement, Inc.

  • Hall of Legends Museum

  • Knights of the Soundtable

  • Hoodworld Music Publishing (ASCAP)

  • 1954 Global Marketing Group

  • Blazzin951 Digital Radio

  • Ayata Interactive Media (AIM)


The Company's diversified expertise spans several mediums and platforms: General Entertainment, Artist Management, Product Development, Toy Manufacturing, Sports, Fashion, Apparel/Merchandising, and Global Marketing/Branding.  We are entirely focused on developing and producing content for Kulturezine + (our Global Streaming Platform), which will include all media and consumer-based products, such as film, TV, broadcasting, digital and streaming media, and music, gaming, comic books, and music publishing.

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Urban Marketing 1954 Global urban Marketing Group


Urban communities have historically had different demographics, interests and opportunities.  We help compaines with there Urban Marketing strategies for those wishing to sell to urban markets.

Urban Media Strategy


Urban Media strategy, as uses in your advertising or content, we are concerned with how messages will be delivered to consumers or urban markets or your brands

Music Distribution

reaches digital and physical retailers worldwide. Comprised of digital natives specialized in marketing, advertising, sync licensing, video monetization, performance rights services, and more



We do all  forms of consulting  from media to content, a&r of your music and Production


Urban Lifestyle

creates innovative marketing solutions for companies that are looking to engage in emerging audiences

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