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Delivering powerful urban media, marketing-streaming, and content creation solutions

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Urban Media Strategy

We have Global Urban Marketing company


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Social Marketing

 we use our (G.U.M) Global Urban Marketing expertise to influence our social marketing approach that focuses on influencing behavior with the primary goal of achieving the "common good." It utilizes the elements of commercial marketing and applies them to social concepts. However, to see social marketing as only the use of standard commercial marketing practices to achieve non-commercial goals is an oversimplified view. Social marketing has existed for some time but has only started becoming a common term in recent decades. It was originally done using newspapers and billboards and has adapted to the modern world in many of the same ways commercial marketing has. The most common use of social marketing in today's society is through social media.


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Digital Marketing

The Uniqueness of the Global Digital Market of today's market, Gives us an edge based on the expertise of our knowledge of this Global Urban Market.​

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 Global Digital Distribution of Media

We globally digitally distribution of content, ranging from film, tv digital, and streaming to music. though our partners  Sony Orchard, Onstage plus, and our newest venture Kulturezine+.


Branding & Identity

Our Global understanding of the brands and the Global Urban Communities and there Brands and Identities.


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